Being Medea Premiere in Dresden

On 23th and 24th of November two premiere performances of theater-play Being Medea was held within the festival Kunsttage Dresden, in completely sold out space of industrial zone Sektor Evolution. Project was supported by Czech-German Fund for Future.

Being Medea is authorial work of german scriptwriter and reggiseur Stephan Bestier and czech composer Martin Hybler. This psychological drama provides the audience the insight to the soul of migrationg women, their relationship with their past and homeland, attitude to presence at the doors of new country, their relatonship to themelves. Personality of Jason is presented unique way – by nonverbal musical language of solo oboe and its expressive potential.

Women world is provided behind the fence to the audience. Contrary free Jason is moving throughout our free space within the audience and in virtuoso cadenzas straight communicates with people in audience.

In Medea roles stared german actresses Yvonne Reich, Johanna Withalm a Natalie Renaud-Claus. Jason was played by excellent oboe player Vilém Veverka.

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Keys of Freedom resounded Velvet Anniversary

17th of November, 2019, 30 years from the Velvet Revolution, famous victory as one point in history but thirty year journey to fight it, victory of ideals but long-term process of their realization. Polemic on social and human values, which keep the democracy healthy and functioning, discussion over the threats, risk factors and power manifestation, which lead the democratic building to fall. What really means the word freedom? How freedom bounds us to keep it alive?

dancer Šimon Kubáň, conductor Martin Hybler and IMUZA Company

We put all these layers into our Keys of Freedom, which came to light from professional artistic cooperation within our Institute freedom. We created life sequence of music, dance and visual, which offered the audience the insight to key moments of past times, key threats for democracy, key values, which constitute democracy, and experience these esthetically and emotionaly, enter the atmosphere of the time and truly feel it inside themselves…

Jana Kubánková and Daniel Mikolášek

Great composition Crux by Czech author Luboš Fišer for violin solo and percussion played by Jana Kubánková and Daniel Mikolášek opened the whole evening. This composition was written as a protest to the process of violation of nation by normalisation raising after the entrance of the Warsaw Contract Armies to our country in 1968. An authorial video by visual artist Pavel Tichoň tied up thematically. In six minutes audience could watch ver originally defined key moments of the past 50 years of politics in our country, with taste of satire and light overstatement.

IMUZA Company, Martin Hybler

Composition by Martin Hybler “Oligarch, the Globalizer” with great dance choreography of Šimon Kubáň followed. This composition was created about 14 years ago as a vision of potential threat of people entering the high leves of society and politics with aim to capture the power by their money and destroying democracy. The character of Oligarch was performed by Šimon Kubáň, played by IMUZA Company with conductor Martin Hybler.

Ten minutes of fresh old american jazz followed. Bohemia Saxophone Quartet captured the audience with great but smooth sound and beautiful musical characters. During the whole composition audience could watch a presentation of famous citations of world leading personalities about democracy. Old American jazz was an inspiration but also a symbol of freedom for our country so this performance was more than symbolic part of the programme.

Second authorial video by Pavel Tichoň followed. This work was named “Key Keys” and dealed with key human values we should open in ourselves on the way to reach freedom and democracy.

Bohemia Saxophone Quartet
IMUZA Company, v pozadí závěr videa Pavla Tichoně

At the very end of the programme an arrange of old St.Wenceslav Chorus by Martin Hybler named “Veritas vincit – Verity wins” was played by IMUZA Company, on canvas audience could see the pictures of famous and key demonstrations on Wenceslav Square in Prague as a symbol of national fight for truth and freedom.

Keys of Freedom were presented on festive evening of 30th Anniversary of the Velvet Revolution in city Turnov, Czech Republic.

Photos by Ester Havlová.

Being Medea. Premiere in Dresden almost here!

One Medea, three women, old mythos, present context.

How are the feelings of migrating woman? A woman who leaves everything for a dream of a new life in new country, who leaves everything for her man so that till then she would do nothing but wait? How her reactions change with her age? How is it to wait straight at the boundary to free world which does not open the doors? Exquisite actresses will lead you straight to the soul of migrating women.

Yvonne Reich, Johanna Withalm, Natalie Renaud-Claus

Yvonne Reich, Johanna Withalm, Natalie Renaud-Claus

Jason. Embodiment of new dynamic promissing and progressive world. Jason, a man of Medea’s heart. Jason, a father of Medea’s son.

Jason as an extraordinary oboe player, who never says a word but express himself by musical words of his oboe and by nonverbal scenic action.

Jason, his inner feelings and desires coming out in lyrical melodies, avantgarde cadenzas but also free improvisation with jazz and ambient esprit. Exquisite oboe player staring at the role of Jason.

Vilém Veverka

Vilem Veverka

Unique authorial cooperation of german scenarist and stage manager Stephan Bestier and czech composer Martin Hybler.

Premiere performances will take place on 23th and 24th of November at 8 pm in Sektor Evolution in Dresden, Germany.

Natalie Renaud-Claus, Vilem Veverka

Project was kindly supported by German-Czech Fund for Future.

“The Keys of Freedom”

Key values leading to freedom? Key aspects that form democracy? Key facts from the historical path to democracy? Key crossroads to loose? Keys as demonstration? The sound of keys? Keys on the Wenceslav Square. Keys inside us? Keys of Freedom…

“The Keys of Freedom” is artistic performance, which came out from porfessional artistic cooperation in occasion of 30th anniversary of the Velvet Revolution. Through artworks we are trying to answer related questions – to let past fights sound, make facts coloured, get threats to motion. We ask for what was happening, what is now and why. The Keys of Freedom are an abstract interpretation of our history, presence, but also hypothetic future and keep the atmosphere of issues instead of answering those.

The Keys of Freedom willbe performed at festive evening to 30th anniversary of the velvet Revolution, on 17th of November in Municipal Theater Turnov, with support of city Turnov, Turnov Center for Culture and Turnov Museum.

In the first part of the evening a panel discussion on the topic “30 years after the revolution, what’s next?” will be held.

Being Medea. Project News.

We are happy to announce new web page of the premiere project!

International Artistic project of Czech – German cooperation right on anniversary of the beginning of the II. W. War and 30 years from end of The Iron Curtain… Topic of emigration, minority, waiting right behind the walls of free world which does not open the door… 

A Music-Theatre-Play by excellent German scriptwriter and stage manager Stephan Bestier and Czech music composer Martin Hybler. 

Traditional Concert to Summer Solstice. Photogallery.

This year concert was held in beautiful landscape of malá Skála, rock castle of Vranov-Pantheon in Bohemian Paradise. Before the concert a fine art workshop with professional artist V. Véla was held. Our guests could try to paint on canvas in evening planar. Then our guests could oversleep in areal of old stone castle below open sky. The Concert to Summer Solstice then started at 6:00 am in beautiful atmosphere of awaking nature.
Our Fine-Art Workshop – Evening Planair, was led by professional artist Vladimir Vela. People got instructios and then could start their own artworks. Various groups such as children, adult, families and friends were painting. The point of this workshop was not just to try painting on real canvas but also create artwork to charity collection, which will support people in need.
Concert to Summer Solstice began at 6:00 am below open sky. Unique atmosphere of awaking nature around the summer solstice brings specific atmosphere to music listening. Our guests would have enjoyed works by A. Vivaldi, J. Sibelius, A. Schnittke, M. Hybler, E. Morricone.

How was “Being Medea”? Photogallery.

Being Medea, our project in Czech-German coproduction, which pre-premiere we organized in historical railway depot in Turnov, CZE.
What happens when we set the old myth Medea to the present context? How is waiting outside the boundary of free world? How is moving the inner basis of migrating woman?
Pre-premiere of music-theater psychological drama “Being Medea” of german script writer and reggiseur Stephan Bestier and Czech composer Martin Hybler.
composer M. Hybler, violinist J. Kubánková, actor Y. Reich and regisseur S. Bestier
An open disscussion with german guests and audience follows. We introduce our project Being Medea, basis of our cooperation right in the year of anniversary of the beginning of the II. W. War, breaking united Europe project and raising xenophobia and extreme nacionalism. After the discussion Jazz concert follows, with Martin Hybler, Ivan Hájek and Yvonne Reich.
Departure of guests after the program.

Being Medea?

“Mythic story of Medea in present context. Original work with the question of migration and migrating women. What is necessary to leave both outside and inside and what is left? How to manage new life in new culture as a stranger? How does it influence particular action?”

Being Medea is authorial psychological Music-Theater Drama of excelent German stage manager Stephan Bestier and Czech composer Martin Hybler. On a background of the old myth Medea, this up to date drama deals with such topics as migration, multicultural communication and missunderstanding. The role of Medea will be played by great German singer and actor Yvonne Reich.

Pre-premiere is held on Friday, 7th of June in Turnov city, CZE.

Premiere of the drama is held on 22nd of November, Sektor Dresden, Dresden, GER

Follow this link to learn more about the project

Míša likes Tennis

On 7th of May a Private View to Exhibition Michaela Vélová Maupicová” was held at Colloredo-Mansfeld Palace in Prague.

Audience could listen to free improvisation on michaelaś pictures from the cycle Compositions and Oriments played by violinist Jana Kubánková and basoon player Tomáš Františ. At the end a premiere of composition Miša likes Tennis by Martin Hybler was played by both players. This composition was specially composed in this occasion and drew an inspiration from the fact, that this brilliant fine artist used to train the tennis and watching world tennis during her fatal disease contests brought her fun and motivation to get healthy and play again – for fun…

Exhibition is open until 25th of August, 2019.