Traditional Concert to Summer Solstice. Photogallery.

This year concert was held in beautiful landscape of malá Skála, rock castle of Vranov-Pantheon in Bohemian Paradise. Before the concert a fine art workshop with professional artist V. Véla was held. Our guests could try to paint on canvas in evening planar. Then our guests could oversleep in areal of old stone castle below open sky. The Concert to Summer Solstice then started at 6:00 am in beautiful atmosphere of awaking nature.
Our Fine-Art Workshop – Evening Planair, was led by professional artist Vladimir Vela. People got instructios and then could start their own artworks. Various groups such as children, adult, families and friends were painting. The point of this workshop was not just to try painting on real canvas but also create artwork to charity collection, which will support people in need.
Concert to Summer Solstice began at 6:00 am below open sky. Unique atmosphere of awaking nature around the summer solstice brings specific atmosphere to music listening. Our guests would have enjoyed works by A. Vivaldi, J. Sibelius, A. Schnittke, M. Hybler, E. Morricone.

Seminars for Meadowmount School of Music students

seminar students with Jana Kubánková, Meadowmount School of Music

Between the 25th of June and 8th of July, seminars with Jana Kubánková for talented young instrumentalists – Meadowmount School of Music students were held. Seminars were held for students every day and dealed with support of motivation, concentration, self-conidence, communication, creativity and stress compensation.

Meadowmount School if Music is unique project founded in 1944 by legendary violin teacher Ivan Galamian. Find out more on official site of the school below!

Meadowmount School Website



Meadowmount School of Music. Just started!

Meadowmount School of Music

On 25th of June intensive seminars with Jana Kubankova for young scholars of prestigious Meadowmount School of Music have started. Seminars are held every day and deal with supporting motivation, self – confidence, concentration, creativity and stress compensation being a key aspect for any artistic training. Seminars also support communication abilities. Seminars will run for 14 days.

Meadowmount School of Music is unique project of legendary Ivan Galamian who founded this school yet in 1944 for his students including fo example I. Perlman or P. Zukerman. The school is situated in the forest right next to the Adirondack National Park in order to provide truly calm background for musical training. Alumnies mostly have a great careers as concertmasters and leaders, world chamber group players and of course soloists.

official web of Meadowmount School of Music

Summer Solstice Concerts. How they were?

Summer Solstice Concert, 6:00 am

Summer Solstice Concerts are the concerts in the landscape so they everytime bring special experience of art and nature just be together..

Karel Dohnal as Harlekin

This year at the evening concert we introduced great Czech clarinetist Karel Dohnal playing Harlekin by K. Stockhausen. Karel brought us an extraordinary experience not just from his playing but especially from his unbelievable dramatical performing and expression. Both children and adult could not stop laughing! The composition Harlekin is extremely difficult not just due to the technique claims but especially the dramatical aspect of the piece. . Harlekin was played under the old oak and brought even more magic!

soloists Melanie Matějka on flute, violinist Jana Kubánková, TOS orchestra conducted by Martin Hybler

The next day, at 6:00am the second Summer Solstice Concert was held in the landscape. We offered an orchestral program with profesional soloists – flutist Melanie Matějka, quitarist Štěpán Matějka and violinist Jana Kubánková. Fifteen year old violinist Barbora Sulková also presented herself in solo piece. We had a high number of visitors who could enjoy beautiful morning athmosphere in the nature together with music.

additional program – planair

On saturday additional program our visitors could try painting on canvas in the open space – planair. We also offered a “Talk about the nature” with natural scientist Zdeněk Mrkáček.

We will offer you more photos and information in the next posts!


Summer Solstice Concerts. Additional information.

official poster

We are happy to meet you this saturday in the landscape behind the Turnov City at Summer Solstice Concerts! Anyway, do not expect big stage or amplified sound! Our stage is nature itself. Our event will be fragile as the nature around us is.  Our aim is not to steal the space from the country but contrary to harmonise ourselves with the space, get the inspiration, peace and inner power, which people historically drew from being in the nature especially during the summer solstice period. This event is for those who desire to leave the noise and agresivity of the modern world at least for a while…

You will find the schedule of the event on the official poster on the top of this post and at the right column “Upcoming events” of this web page.

Painting workshop will be under patronate of great Czech academic painter Vladimír Véla, who will coordinate you during painting on canvas in the open space.

We reccomend to bring a blanket for sitting on the ground, also something to grill at fire, which will burn during the time between the “Talks about the nature” and an evening concert.

We are looking forward to see you!


Concerts to Summer Solstice

Concerts to summer solstice will be held on Saturday 16th of June at 19:00 and Sunday 17th of June at 6:00am in the open landscape near the Turnov city. We will also offer you additional program.

Karel Dohnal as Harlekin

On Saturday at 19:00 we will present unique music performance Harlekin by K. Stockhausen played by extraordinary clarinetist Karel Dohnal. This composition is not just about music but also dramatic performing and motion, which make it extremely difficult so only several soloists play it. Do not wait to visit this performance and be a witness of this rare concert moment!

On Sunday at 6:00, being surrounded by beautiful athmosphere right after the sunrise, you are invited to listen to the orchestral concert of the TOS orchestra led by Martin Hybler and professional guests – flutist Melanie Sabel, guitarist Štěpán Matějka and violinist Jana Kubánková.

Within the additional program you can try painting on the canvas in the open landscape(planair) coordinated by academic painter. This non-traditional workshop will be held on saturday at 16:00.  At 17:00 we will invite you to a lecture about nature with  our eminent natural scientist RNDr.  Zdeněk Mrkáček.

Admission to whole event optional. We look forward to meet you in the landscape!

On the video below you can enjoy music and photos from the last concert in the nature to the summer solstice:


Workshop for finalists!

The last weekend of January, Jana Kubánková spent her time with great children – finalists of the singer competititon Sanremo Junior. She gave workshops dealing with the issue of stress and stage fright. Children tried several techniques which help to eliminate  stress and strenghten the self-confidence. We worked with breathing, we tried the progressive relaxation and active imagination. All the children did a good job and we believe that during the final concert with the symphonic orchestra they will be great!

Concert for Christmas!

We organized a great concert for Christmas in our city Turnov as a gift for our habitants and children. The program was presented by symphonic orchestra TOS and children choir Carmina.

Barbora Sulkova and Bohuslav Matousek

Our aim was to provide a space for children to present their abilities and talents. The concert became a gift to talented youg instrumentalists who joined the orchestra and played next to adult players and professionals. There were also four young soloists who played with the orchestra and together with professional violin star – Czech virtuoso Bohuslav Matousek.

Christmas Tree I., by visitors of the Concert for Christmas

During the concert, a painting workshop was opened and led by briliant academic painters Michaela Maupicova and Vladimir Vela. Children and adult of all ages could join in painting the common artwork. The outcome was two beautiful acrylic paintings on canvas which are now presented in gallery MaxiArt.

We are glad to support children and youth in their professional and personal growth and create nice opportunities to reach experience. We are also happy to offer nice artistic experience to all the people around us.

Merry Christmas!

Martin Hybler and artistic work for children

Did you know, that Martin is a great composer for children? He created beautiful cycles and songs both for smaller and older children.

These compositions have an educational basis. It is played well and easy but also carry interesting stories and ideas. They all are composed so that the children would learn and grow by playing them.

The Czech Radio took the aegis under several of these works and included it into the ZUŠ edition (edition for elementary music school). In case of interest in buying or just reading through visit following link:

Edice ZUŠ, Český Rozhlas

If you would like just to listen to some song for children choir, visit our Music Channel or click on following link: