Being Medea at Fringe Festival!

After succesful fall performances in Czechia and Germany we are pleased to present Being Medea performance at prestigious Fringe Festival in Duisburg, Germany.

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Due to coronavirus bans the festival was postponed from planned August session to October. During August, an online sketches and invitations to performances will be offered on official website of Fringe festival.

Being Medea is authorial work of german scriptwriter and reggiseur Stephan Bestier and czech composer Martin Hybler. This psychological drama provides the audience the insight to the soul of migrating women, their relationship with their past and homeland, attitude to presence at the doors of new country, their relatonship to themelves. Personality of Jason is presented unique way – by nonverbal musical language of solo oboe and its expressive potential.

Women world is provided behind the fence to the audience. Contrary free Jason is moving throughout our free space within the audience and in virtuoso cadenzas straight communicates with people in audience. 

In Medea roles are starring german actresses Yvonne Reich, Johanna Withalm a Natalie Renaud-Claus. Jason is played by excellent oboe player Vilém Veverka.

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