“Lonely Self”

Unique life solo concert project presenting Czech contemporary composers writing between the years 1918 – 2018. Performer of the project is violinist Jana Kubánková.

During whole concert a performer gives a talk about political facts, lives of authors and their work. Complicated times, world war, communistic regime, uneasy background for free artistic work. How did composers cope with these facts? How did these violate their freedom of artistic expression? How their free work influenced true freedom in their personal lives and society and life of their work?

On the programme, there is also work by Martin Hybler “Lonely Self”, a composition dealing with the fact that freedom is inner state of human being – inner dissaproval of any obbedience to doctrine attacking human dignity and taking responsibility for ourselves in our own hands; and therefore while being free, we are lonely in our self.

International premiere of the project was held in summer 2018 in Washington DC, USA.

Czech Embassy Recital

Victims of Communism Foundation Recital

In spring 2019 the project was recorded on CD with support of the OSA Foundation.