What is iMUZA

iMUZA is artistic iniciative for life. iMUZA is The Muse for all. What is her philosophy? 

iMUZA is us – Jana Kubánková and Martin Hybler.

iMUZA  was born in September 2017 as non-profit artistic iniciative which wants especially create new artistic works. Though we do not want to keep our baby just for ourselves…


We want The Muse for life.

We will cooperate with other artists and profesionals from various fields. Together we will react on important issues of present times that annoy us.

We will also provide the space for creation and presentation of young artists at the beginning of their careers. iMUZA will support creativity as such.


We want The Muse for all.

iMUZA knows that art edifies our minds and mobilisies capacity of our brains, that art is ladder of the society and gives impulses the economic prosperity to raise. Therefore iMUZA will support and create programs for people and children throughout whole social spectrum to support possitive change in their lifes.


Yours faithfully, iMUZA!

Jana Kubánková and Martin Hybler