“The Keys of Freedom”

Key values leading to freedom? Key aspects that form democracy? Key facts from the historical path to democracy? Key crossroads to loose? Keys as demonstration? The sound of keys? Keys on the Wenceslav Square. Keys inside us? Keys of Freedom…

“The Keys of Freedom” is artistic performance, which came out from porfessional artistic cooperation in occasion of 30th anniversary of the Velvet Revolution. Through artworks we are trying to answer related questions – to let past fights sound, make facts coloured, get threats to motion. We ask for what was happening, what is now and why. The Keys of Freedom are an abstract interpretation of our history, presence, but also hypothetic future and keep the atmosphere of issues instead of answering those.

The Keys of Freedom willbe performed at festive evening to 30th anniversary of the velvet Revolution, on 17th of November in Municipal Theater Turnov, with support of city Turnov, Turnov Center for Culture and Turnov Museum.

In the first part of the evening a panel discussion on the topic “30 years after the revolution, what’s next?” will be held.

IMUZA presented young talents

On 2nd of October we presented a recital of two young talented performers – violinist Barbora Sulkova and pianist Martin Jozifek. Recital was organized within professional concert series in Turnov city.

Both young performers presented themselves in classical solo pieces and chamber music with Jana Kubánková and Martin Hybler. Audience of almost sold out municipal theater rewarded young musicians with warm ovations and excitement.

concert program

Our aim is to present youth to support their grown by providing more professional concert experience and raise motivation to further work. Contrary we want to present the audience young talents from their area and let them be the witnesses of their growth.

Traditional Concert to Summer Solstice. Photogallery.

This year concert was held in beautiful landscape of malá Skála, rock castle of Vranov-Pantheon in Bohemian Paradise. Before the concert a fine art workshop with professional artist V. Véla was held. Our guests could try to paint on canvas in evening planar. Then our guests could oversleep in areal of old stone castle below open sky. The Concert to Summer Solstice then started at 6:00 am in beautiful atmosphere of awaking nature.
Our Fine-Art Workshop – Evening Planair, was led by professional artist Vladimir Vela. People got instructios and then could start their own artworks. Various groups such as children, adult, families and friends were painting. The point of this workshop was not just to try painting on real canvas but also create artwork to charity collection, which will support people in need.
Concert to Summer Solstice began at 6:00 am below open sky. Unique atmosphere of awaking nature around the summer solstice brings specific atmosphere to music listening. Our guests would have enjoyed works by A. Vivaldi, J. Sibelius, A. Schnittke, M. Hybler, E. Morricone.

Jewish Violin at Synagogue Turnov

On 12th of May a recital called “Jewish violin of the classical repertoire” was held at beautiful synagogue in Turnov city, CZE. Violinist Jana Kubánková and pianist Martin Hybler presented classical works by jewish authors. Audience could enjoy Sonata for violin solo by E. Schulhoff, Suite Baal Shem by Ernst Bloch, Kol Nidrei – Hebrew Melody by Max Bruch and part of the Serenade for violin and piano by Alexander Zemlinsky.

Martin Hybler at Prague Spring International Festival 2019

SOUND-TELESCOPE, op. 42, new composition for solo oboe was specially written by Martin Hybler as commisioned work for 71. Venue of Prague Spring International Competition 2019.

Sound-Telescope is a composition which offers classical oboe technique but even more motivates players to find new ways of expressivity and instrument potential. This piece is partly scenic. Within the composition performer changes the posture according to particular marks to express horizont or space observation. There is also cadenza included which is written as a graphic score with various graphic material offered for free creative preparation by performer. 

This composition have already studied fifty performers, only twelve of them will have a chance to present it during the second round of the competition on 11.5. 2019 in Lichtenstein Palace, Prague. Composition was published by Čro and publishing was supported by Ernst von Siemens Musikstiftung.

Official websites of competition

Official website of Martin Hybler

Recent multi-art events

What we managed during the past fall? We joined with other artistic disciplines and created couple of nice multi – art events together.

On 3rd of December Jana Kubankova performed solo composition Tabula Rasa by Arvo Part, accompanied by the Berg Orchestra. Composition was presented together with beautiful contemporary dance choreography by Mirka Eliasova. This unique event was held at the national Gallery in Prague. More about event here.

On 28th of November a commemoration evening on Max Brod and his literary work was held at the Portheimka gallery in Prague. Max Brod was not just an eminent writer of his time but also a great supporter of Franz Kafka work and translator of Leos Janacek operas. During this evening, Jana Kubankova and Martin Hybler presented works by Leos Janacek. More about the event here.

On 20th of September very special fine art view called Ecstasy of St. Francis of Assisi was held in Turnov. This view presented two artists – J. J. Hertl (18th century) and P. Roučka(21st century), two views on one personality and life of iconic Francis, traditional and contemporary. Jana Kubankova also provided two genres of music on her violin and presented works from both 18th century and contemporary period on a close thematic background to show sound work distinction between these two times such as the paintings presented.

Contemporary Fall with the Berg Orchestra

Jana Kubankova, dress rehearsal with Berg Orchestra

Another contemporary fall of the Berg Orchestra – eminent Czech contemporary music group, was realized with Jana Kubankova as a concertmaster. This fall the audience could listen to works of such composers as for example J. Harvey, M. Andre, H. Goebbels or G. Grisey.

The last concert of this year will be held in Prague Trade Fair Palace. On a programme there will be well known popular contemporary composition by Arvo Part Tabula Rasa, with Jana Kubankova as a soloist and beautiful contemporary dance choreography within the piece.

official invitation to the last Berg Orchestra concert of the year

a television review, Berg Orchestra opening the new multifunctional concert hall in Prague

Hunderd Years of Czech Independence

Jana Kubánková at the T. G. Masaryk Statue in front of Czech Embassy in Washington

On 28th of October 2018 our country celebrated a hunderd year anniversary of independence. During this time our country was really independent only for about half time of existence. The latter periods were boud with obedience to other authocratic states and doctrines during the Second World War and Communistic Era.

As a gift to this anniversary Jana Kubankova prepared special project of life performance based only on solo violin compositions written by Czech composers creating their music during this hunderd-year-era. This programme was presented by Jana this summer at solo recitals for The Czech Embassy and for The Victims of Communism Foundation in Washington DC, USA, the city, where Czechoslovakia independence was declared. 

During the concerts Jana provided life commentaries on problematic time period and politics, about composers lifes and the works played to get the audience closer to the context of this period of time. All the music did not explain but rather expressed the state of affairs and athmosphere in our country during those times.

On this occasion Martin Hybler wrote a premiere work for solo violin, “Lonely Self”, a composition dealing with the fact that freedom is inner state of human being – inner dissaproval of any obbedience to doctrine attacking human dignity; and therefore while being free, we are lonely in our self.
Authors on the programme were Ervin Schulhoff, Jaroslav Ježek, Karel Sklenička and Klement Slavický.

Wasington DC. Recital, Czech Embassy

Washington DC. Recital, Review

Washington DC., recital for The Victims of Communism Foundation