“Being Medea”

“Mythic story of Medea in present context. Original work with the question of migration and migrating women. What is necessary to leave both outside and inside and what is left? How to manage new life in new culture as a stranger? How does it influence particular action?”

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A Music-Theatre-Play by excellent German scriptwriter and stage manager Stephan Bestier and Czech music composer Martin Hybler.

.One Medea, three women, old mythos, new context. Yvonne Reich, Johanna Withalm, Natalie Renaud-Claus.

This psychological drama provides the audience the insight to the soul of migrating women, their relationship to the past and their homeland, their present in front of the door of the new world, to themselves. Persona of Jason is created unique way – nonverbal musical talk of oboe and its expressive potential.

Women world is provided behind the fence, while Yason is moving freely among the audience on the other – free site and in virtuoso cadenzas of his self-presentation provokes audience to interaction.

In Medea roles excell german actresses Yvonne Reich, Johanna Withalm and Natalie Renaud-Claus. Yason is played by eminent oboe player Vilém Veverka.

Natalie Renaud-Claus, Vilem Veverka


2. 10. 2020, Fringe Festival, Duisburg, Německo

November 2020, Prague, Czech Republic

Spring 2021, Heidelberg, Germany


Pre-premiere: 7. 6. 2019, 18:00 Old Railway Depot, 18:00 Turnov, Czech Republic

Premiere: 23. November 2019, 20.00 , 24. November 2019, 18:00
SEKTOR Dresden, Kunstwoche 56, Dresden, Germany

Project was supported by German-Czech Fund for Future