“Happiness knows just minutes”

Succesfull premiere of theater drama “Das Gluck kennt nur Minuten”  was held on 15th of September in Gerhart-Hauptmann Theater in Zittau, Germany. Completely sold auditorium listened to interesting life story of unique german singer and actor – Hildegard Knef. Hildegard travels across the ocean and tells stories of her life, accompanied by four musicians who join her in chansons on the scene.

This theater drama is written for just one actor presenting Hildegard Knef. This role took an extraordinary way amazing sopranist and actor of the Gerhart-Hauptmann Theater – Yvonne Reich. Author of the scenario and stage manager at one person is Stephan Bestier – actor and stage manager of the Gerhart-Hauptmann Theater and Theater in Koln, Germany. Arranger of the songs and artistic leader for music group is Martin Hybler.

Hildegard was an extraordinary woman with extraordinary thoughts. She was born in 1925, the end of the II. World War she was captured and imprisoned by russians. Soon after the war she managed to get to Holywood an Broadway as an actor and singer. Then she came back to Germany and showed up mainly in Berlin. However, the key artistic contribute of his life lays in her chanson – texts and poems, beautiful, true, very deep…

Hilde died in 2002 and this drama is historically the first performance on her life.

Premiere Review in Sachsische Zeitung

Summer Solstice Concerts. How they were?

Summer Solstice Concert, 6:00 am

Summer Solstice Concerts are the concerts in the landscape so they everytime bring special experience of art and nature just be together..

Karel Dohnal as Harlekin

This year at the evening concert we introduced great Czech clarinetist Karel Dohnal playing Harlekin by K. Stockhausen. Karel brought us an extraordinary experience not just from his playing but especially from his unbelievable dramatical performing and expression. Both children and adult could not stop laughing! The composition Harlekin is extremely difficult not just due to the technique claims but especially the dramatical aspect of the piece. . Harlekin was played under the old oak and brought even more magic!

soloists Melanie Matějka on flute, violinist Jana Kubánková, TOS orchestra conducted by Martin Hybler

The next day, at 6:00am the second Summer Solstice Concert was held in the landscape. We offered an orchestral program with profesional soloists – flutist Melanie Matějka, quitarist Štěpán Matějka and violinist Jana Kubánková. Fifteen year old violinist Barbora Sulková also presented herself in solo piece. We had a high number of visitors who could enjoy beautiful morning athmosphere in the nature together with music.

additional program – planair

On saturday additional program our visitors could try painting on canvas in the open space – planair. We also offered a “Talk about the nature” with natural scientist Zdeněk Mrkáček.

We will offer you more photos and information in the next posts!


Concerts to Summer Solstice

Concerts to summer solstice will be held on Saturday 16th of June at 19:00 and Sunday 17th of June at 6:00am in the open landscape near the Turnov city. We will also offer you additional program.

Karel Dohnal as Harlekin

On Saturday at 19:00 we will present unique music performance Harlekin by K. Stockhausen played by extraordinary clarinetist Karel Dohnal. This composition is not just about music but also dramatic performing and motion, which make it extremely difficult so only several soloists play it. Do not wait to visit this performance and be a witness of this rare concert moment!

On Sunday at 6:00, being surrounded by beautiful athmosphere right after the sunrise, you are invited to listen to the orchestral concert of the TOS orchestra led by Martin Hybler and professional guests – flutist Melanie Sabel, guitarist Štěpán Matějka and violinist Jana Kubánková.

Within the additional program you can try painting on the canvas in the open landscape(planair) coordinated by academic painter. This non-traditional workshop will be held on saturday at 16:00.  At 17:00 we will invite you to a lecture about nature with  our eminent natural scientist RNDr.  Zdeněk Mrkáček.

Admission to whole event optional. We look forward to meet you in the landscape!

On the video below you can enjoy music and photos from the last concert in the nature to the summer solstice:


Contemporary fall

During whole fall, Jana Kubánková showed up as a leader of the Berg Orchestra – unique Czech group specializing on contemporary music performing. At the concerts you could listen to such authors as Arvo Part, Tristan Murail, Romitelli or Agata Zubel.

Also in the 2018 season you can look forward to interesting and original performances!



The Opening is sometimes nice little Play

It is now a second Opening Performance we created together with Martin for the opening ceremony of the theatre festivat The Blue Cat.

We had a very har rival – the topic of this was namely a sport! What happens when sport enters the stage and becomes a tool of expression of artists and who finally wins, kindly judge yourself by watching following video: