Summer Solstice Concerts. Additional information.

official poster

We are happy to meet you this saturday in the landscape behind the Turnov City at Summer Solstice Concerts! Anyway, do not expect big stage or amplified sound! Our stage is nature itself. Our event will be fragile as the nature around us is.  Our aim is not to steal the space from the country but contrary to harmonise ourselves with the space, get the inspiration, peace and inner power, which people historically drew from being in the nature especially during the summer solstice period. This event is for those who desire to leave the noise and agresivity of the modern world at least for a while…

You will find the schedule of the event on the official poster on the top of this post and at the right column “Upcoming events” of this web page.

Painting workshop will be under patronate of great Czech academic painter Vladimír Véla, who will coordinate you during painting on canvas in the open space.

We reccomend to bring a blanket for sitting on the ground, also something to grill at fire, which will burn during the time between the “Talks about the nature” and an evening concert.

We are looking forward to see you!