Supporting the Youth

During the past few months we finished couple of projects supporting young people and children seriously interested in music and artistic work to help them grow their talents and fulfill their potential.

In December 2018 in our North-Czech region we organized and held traditional Concert for Christmas – a Christmas gift not just for the audience, but mostly for young talented musicians from our region. Symphonic orchestra consisting of professionals together with amateurs and kids, childs choir together with experienced adults, great professional oboe soloist Vilem Veverka together with young instrumentalists, these all were rehearsing months before with Martin Hybler as artistic coach and conductor and presented their work on stage during the concert for Christmas. The point of this project is to enrich experience of young people by work with professionals straight next to them. This work usually brings positive changes in life of young people, motivate them more to responsibility for their work, to make decisions about their future, strengthen the will in practicing, bring inspiration to their lives and show them positive personality examples. After this experience many of our children successfully pass exams to higher artistic education and conservatories or move to responsibility in their decision making on their future education.

In January 2019 a festive concert presentation of the new work by Martin Hybler for children and young pianists was presented. It is a set of arrangements of popular songs and melodies from evergreen fairy tales and movies on piano for four hands. The title was published by the Czech Radio Publishing and the concert was also broadcasted and streamed. At the concert, schoolmates, but also grandmother with granddaughter played together, one song was also presented by Czech eminent pianist Ivo Kahanek together with headmaster of The Czech Philharmonic Orchestra David Mareček. The title became very popular straight. From this concert till now many songs was played at events and competitions. Titles on the piano for four hands by Martin Hybler brings many kinds and young people together just to play and enjoy music as different and enriching way of communication together but also helps cultivate the skills for teamwork, chamber music playing, rhythm and empathy. You can find more of instructive work by Martin Hybler here.

In February 2019 we joined international competition for young singers Sanremo Junior to support finalists in their couple-month preparation for final round performance with symphonic orchestra. Martin Hybler showed as a conductor of the project and Jana Kubankova as art coach teaching young finalists how to eliminate stress and stage fright and work on their expressivity and musical feeling. No matter if these young talents continues with music or not, all the experience they reached will help them at any area they choose for their future life.