Premiere at Spanish Hall!

We invite you to a concert at Spanish Hall, the Prague Castle, on 19. 11. 2017. A work “Ficik – Departure of Gladiators”  by Martin Hybler will be premiered.

What does the author say about this composition?

“This composition gets an inspiration from the Fucik´s Entrance of Gladiators.  Although I kept the formal concept of this composition, in my piece, everything is opposite…

Gladiator was a man, who fought in arenas to entertain inhabitants of Rome. These men occupied the lowest social levels, although being respected and adored…

Nowadays we also admire various performances, but our gladiators differ from the ancient ones, although they often serve more or less intentionally as entertainers. Our gladiators are sporstmen, actors, but also a politician. They often occupy the highest social levels, but it does not necesarilly mean that they are popular or respected. 

While the past gladiators left “the stage” right on time, some gladiators of today seem not to be able to leave and take their performance too fatally and personally. Everybody reaches a point when adequate response to the current context is impossible or it is just the context that overtakes the personality and the time of “departure” comes..


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