Meadowmount School of Music. Just started!

Meadowmount School of Music

On 25th of June intensive seminars with Jana Kubankova for young scholars of prestigious Meadowmount School of Music have started. Seminars are held every day and deal with supporting motivation, self – confidence, concentration, creativity and stress compensation being a key aspect for any artistic training. Seminars also support communication abilities. Seminars will run for 14 days.

Meadowmount School of Music is unique project of legendary Ivan Galamian who founded this school yet in 1944 for his students including fo example I. Perlman or P. Zukerman. The school is situated in the forest right next to the Adirondack National Park in order to provide truly calm background for musical training. Alumnies mostly have a great careers as concertmasters and leaders, world chamber group players and of course soloists.

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