When does the end start?

When president attacks public media, when this same person calls demonstrated students “poor souls”; when parliament is able to elect former communistic “policemen puncher” from Velvet demonstrations in 1989 to the head of the main control institution of the “General Inspection of the Safety Corps”; when the prime minister is being accepted while being criminally prosecuted and being former communist secret police agent; when the word democracy is used and abused by undemocratic politicians as a tool of manipulation against the democratic ones; when journalists are killed for revealing the truth; when foreign politics of democratic state deepen cooperation with undemocratic regimes; when communist politician can call others “democratic septic”; when people who disagree with political top is called enemy of democracy although the right to disagree is privilege of democracy; when the political top cares just of their own interests with no respect to state law, constitution and make an important decisions and interruptions in political apparatus although being in demission state; when political top divide the nation in implacable parts; when they transmit hate; when they twist clear terms to unusable words so that it is not possible to work with them and the truth is about to be lost; when the quotes of the most democratic icons of our political past are abused and twisted to the new context by undemocratic personalities so that they would be recognized as democrats…
…then the end starts. The end of democracy.

Jana Kubánková