On Czech Presidential Election…

Czech votes for the politics of lies and manipulation. Czech chooses populistic cheap shots instead of arguments based on verified information. Instead of being truly free and lead ourselves through racional thinking to political change Czech tends to vote for the autocrats using the tools of former pre-revolutionary structures. We are in a democratic state, we still live good lifes. We do not suffer from hunger or war. We posses freedom, we enjoy prosperity and we are safe. Still we are not able to grow mentally to create cultivated political background and choose our representatives according to health mind.

Inconsiderable part of Czech society is not able to work with information. They do not think critically, but just consumes the information in the most simle way with no need of understanding the broader context of particular issues. Racionality is bound with good education, ability of critical thinking and open minded attitude then grows in satisfactory, supportive and open background. People being educated poorly, socially and materially weak, but also satisfied people, educated but staying passive to information, therefore usually don´t vote according to the racional arguments, but “the heart”. Their candidate is simple and radical, understandable and identifies with them by acting as “ordinary person as they are”. This person works with emotions and manipulates wisely with peoples fears, frustrations and irracionality. This person uses his political experience and abilities to fulfil his own interests and desires to raise his influence and power both on political and individual level. He does not open equal dialogue and when needed, he ignores even elementary human politeness, inner moral rules, sometimes even the law.

We now harvest the crop of our deep centralization and lack of cultural, social and economical balance between the main cities and regions. We harvest the crop of our unsatisfactory educational system based mainly on obeying the authorities, passive consuming the information and memorizing, and finally being judged and marked according to how well and much we were able just to “repeat the memorized”. We harvest the crop of our mass simple culture, where the art as a life space to create and cultivate the values is exchanged to simple loud, rude and invasive entertainment of the raw meat. We then easily go under the rude, invasive, raw and simple manifestation of power, strenght and promise. We still vote for the “culture of raw meat” even when having living chance to choose true, inteligence, transparency and dignity. The change hurts. We are turning back in our growth which, in the end, will hurt even more…

Jana Kubánková

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