Workshop for finalists!

The last weekend of January, Jana Kubánková spent her time with great children – finalists of the singer competititon Sanremo Junior. She gave workshops dealing with the issue of stress and stage fright. Children tried several techniques which help to eliminate  stress and strenghten the self-confidence. We worked with breathing, we tried the progressive relaxation and active imagination. All the children did a good job and we believe that during the final concert with the symphonic orchestra they will be great!

Concert for Christmas!

We organized a great concert for Christmas in our city Turnov as a gift for our habitants and children. The program was presented by symphonic orchestra TOS and children choir Carmina.

Barbora Sulkova and Bohuslav Matousek

Our aim was to provide a space for children to present their abilities and talents. The concert became a gift to talented youg instrumentalists who joined the orchestra and played next to adult players and professionals. There were also four young soloists who played with the orchestra and together with professional violin star – Czech virtuoso Bohuslav Matousek.

Christmas Tree I., by visitors of the Concert for Christmas

During the concert, a painting workshop was opened and led by briliant academic painters Michaela Maupicova and Vladimir Vela. Children and adult of all ages could join in painting the common artwork. The outcome was two beautiful acrylic paintings on canvas which are now presented in gallery MaxiArt.

We are glad to support children and youth in their professional and personal growth and create nice opportunities to reach experience. We are also happy to offer nice artistic experience to all the people around us.

Merry Christmas!

Martin Hybler and artistic work for children

Did you know, that Martin is a great composer for children? He created beautiful cycles and songs both for smaller and older children.

These compositions have an educational basis. It is played well and easy but also carry interesting stories and ideas. They all are composed so that the children would learn and grow by playing them.

The Czech Radio took the aegis under several of these works and included it into the ZUŠ edition (edition for elementary music school). In case of interest in buying or just reading through visit following link:

Edice ZUŠ, Český Rozhlas

If you would like just to listen to some song for children choir, visit our Music Channel or click on following link:

If for children, then for all children!

Jana gives much of her time to projects for children. Why? Because she knows how inspiring the world of music and art for children is!

She coached many workshops for The Czech Philhamonic Orchestra, at beautiful background with marble columns and plush carpets. She soon realized that not all children can afford this privilege.

Therefore Jana set her own project for children from unsatisfactory social background and she started visiting those children at social centers of primary help. There she opened the possibility for these children to get to contact with music and art and forget their troubles at least for a while… Look at the photos below and join us!


Sanremo and Martin for children!

This is it! Unique competition for young singers Sanremo Junior organized by BonArt Production. Everybody, who passes to the final round, wins! What is the award for the last ten competitors? Voice and dance stage preparation and professional help with image, but the most important is professional artistic preparation with large symphonic orchestra and “court” conductor, arranger and jury member Martin Hybler.

Taste the essence of the Final evening from March 2017 by watching following video!