Music theater performances

Our interactive music performances are created for any number of audience at the age of 5 – 11. Everybody can join in! 

Choose particular performance from the following offer:



Czech anniversary. Czech history. Czech music.

Special music performance dedicated to the hundred years of Czech independence.

Scénář: Jana Kubánková

Music: B. Smetana, A. Dvořák, J. Ježek, K Kryl a další



A dynamic performance, which help you to know, what does the music consist of, how it can be and how does is it actually born. 

Children will join in throughout whole performance.

Scenario: Jana Kubánková

Music: Martin Hybler, music from movies



Fairy tale, which you create right on stage! At key moments of the story you will have the chance to interfere and decide how will the story continue.

Interactive performance with original music which will also show us how we want the characters to act and give us the idea of what we feel to be right and evil.

Scenario: Jana Kubánková, on the basis of fables by Ezop, Krylov, La Fontaine

Music: C. Saint-Saens, Martin Hybler


Dynamic performance about one of the most famous and funniest personalities, who ever lived on earth. Come and enjoy his great sense of humour and beautiful music! 

Little Mozart was a rascal, even when he was a big man. Although he loved thinking tricks up, he managed to travel all over the world and be famous. Do you want to know, how to do it? Come and see!

Scenario: Jana Kubánková

Music: Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart



Enjoy the most beautiful holiday with us and our music!  

We will talk about traditions from all over the world and sing beautiful Christmas songs.

Scenario: Jana Kubánková

Music: traditional Christmas music