In memoriam Jan Patočka

Enjoy the world premiere of the composition dedicated to eminent Czech philosopher and great freedom fighter, Jan Patočka. The concert was held in his birthplace – city Turnov,  in occasion of 40th anniversary of death of this personality.

Martin Hybler at Colours of Ostrava

How is it to give a concert for more than thirty thousant excited people? Ask Martin Hybler and Michal Hruza, a singer. These courageous men managed on main stage of The Colours of Ostrava festival and prepared together with Janacek Philharmony Ostrava rich pop-symphonic feast!


The Colours of Ostrava is the largest international music festival in The Czech Republic. The festival has taken place since 2002 in Ostrava city. In 2012 they moved to beautiful area of Dolní Vítkovice, a mining and ironing factory complex and lent new meaning to this industrial scenery. During the past years the festival became not just a melting pot of all music styles, but also started organizing panel discussions and seminars on important current topics.

Jana Kubánková uncovers!

Finally! Master violin maker František Xaver Drozen was given a memorial plague on the house where he has been creating his beautiful master violin work for years in the city Turnov, Czech Republic. Long ago there had come also maestro David Oistrach to get  such a violin. He played many succesfull concerts all over the world on this instrument.

Jana Kubánková gave a performance during this festive uncovering of the memorial plaque. There was also a toast for maestro Drozen in front of his house.






Briefly on Freedom, by Jana Kubánková

I come from the country that was bound with totalitarian regime of communists for ages. I also come from the generation that was born around the Velvet Revolution and have no real contact and experience with this period of time. I just meet various kinds of people talking about their experience which always leads me to reflections on the key issue of that times – the idea of freedom. Let me share one brief article on freedom with you…

We used to have few and we had not possibility of choice. Now we have plenty and we have not ability to choose. We fundamentaly need freedom and we fundamentaly need certainty.
Our idea of freedom is based on desire to know that it is us making our lives happen. We tend to be free because we feel that true authenticity of our lifes starts right there. Our idea of certainty is that I can rely on the fact that state of affair is long-term consistent framework where my possition is clear and stable. This is where our life-certainty starts.
Authenticity is difficult, dangerous and makes our life uncertain. Certainty is difficult, dangerous and makes our life non-authentic.
When mind is free, it is always the mind responsible for itself. When mind is free, it must always face the responsibility of decissions, solutions and verification the truth. Every hour of every day. When mind is given certainty, it does not need to consider the issues and verify the truth, because this all has been already solved some way by somebody else. Once upon a time during certain hour of one particular day.
We tend to freedom because we somehow feel that by being free we meet ourselves truly, unless it is still something we are not about to bear because it is just too heavy. Freedom is uncoverable by human limited conventional mind. Idea of freedom transcends human mind bound by convention.
Freedom brings doubts about certainty of comfortable conventional life. When being free, we still have to confront the convention, whether it lies to us or whether it is correct and true and this is exactly the act that tears us away from the light mind – slavery.
Anyway, freedom is not an anarchy. Being free does not mean to do anything you want and to thing anything you like. Contrary, freedom is modest and careful consideration on our ideas and action. Every hour of every day.


The Opening is sometimes nice little Play

It is now a second Opening Performance we created together with Martin for the opening ceremony of the theatre festivat The Blue Cat.

We had a very har rival – the topic of this was namely a sport! What happens when sport enters the stage and becomes a tool of expression of artists and who finally wins, kindly judge yourself by watching following video:


“Music Open” Project

Project “Music Open” was born in 2016 as a artistic platform supporting the cultural growth of the Czech-German border area throughout the historical Lausitz region and the north of The Czech Republic.

The aim of project is not just to support this area by concert and artistic production, but especially to let musicians from this area to join in as an active performers. We support both professional and amateur artists. We prepare the program together and present it at the concerts.

During the last year, Jana and Martin joined with other professionals, german flutist Melanie Sabel and quitar player Štěpán Matějka, and amateur orchestra from the north of Czech.

Project is supported by The Czech-German Fund for the Future.


Sanremo and Martin for children!

This is it! Unique competition for young singers Sanremo Junior organized by BonArt Production. Everybody, who passes to the final round, wins! What is the award for the last ten competitors? Voice and dance stage preparation and professional help with image, but the most important is professional artistic preparation with large symphonic orchestra and “court” conductor, arranger and jury member Martin Hybler.

Taste the essence of the Final evening from March 2017 by watching following video!


Symphonic Album and Tour!

Unique crossover by Meky Žbirka and Martin Hybler. Martin composed beautiful arrangement on Meky´s most popular songs. This pop-symphonic project was born in 2009 and since then it has celebrated great public interest! The Record was brought out and Meky together with Czech and Slovakia Philharmonies still give life concerts full of this unique music.