Psycho – physiology of playing the instrument

Do you really want to rule over your instrument? Do you want to learn to be as effective as you can be? Do you want to have your own mind and concentration under the control? Do you want to be able to help yourself with physical problems coming from playing the instrument?  

At Psycho – Physiology Classes you have a chance to learn following: 

  • how does your body work – you will find out, which muscles and joints start the motion; you will learn to use to potential of your body so that it will become functional tools to reach the most effective and suitable way of playing the instrument instead of being obstacle
  • how does your brain work – because every intentional motion starts here and once you understand it, your practise will be more effective and your playing more sophisticated
  • how to help yourself when having physical problems coming from the playing, especially inflamations of hands or back problems specific for instrumentalists
  • how to deepen the ability of long-term concentration
  • time management, setting the goals
  • how to feel good on stage, how to fight against the stage fright, how to set yourself at particular space

We offer you possibility of individual consulting, group seminars for students or teachers and also masterclasses for schools.


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