Washington Recitals

The 21st and  22nd of June are the days of solo violin recitals played by Jana Kubánková in Washington DC.  Concerts are dedicated to 100year anniversary of Czech independence therefore music by authors composing during those hunderd years is on the programs. You will hear works by Ervín Schulhoff, Karel Sklenička, Klement Slavický, Jan Hanuš and Jaroslav Ježek. There is also a world premiere of solo violin composition “Lonely Self” written by Martin Hybler.

First concert is based at The Embassy of the Czech Republic. Second one is held in the Dupont Underground, great contemporary art space. This concert will remind us the communistic era in Czech and present authors writting during this era. There is also an exhibition of fine art created under the regime called Free2Be. At this concert, a venezuelan violinist Wuily Arteaga will perform. During the demostrations against the venezuelan regime he literally defended his country with violin in his hands…