Inspiration “Nature”

My home is nature. Even your home is nature. We came from the nature and we will get back much faster than we expect. Our time is short. Compared to the life-time of living nature in this planet our life-time is ridiculous.  Our body remembers the time of being in the sea. We tend to spend much time at the sea, we love being huged by smooth waters. When being children we run to hide in the safe tree tops, we love to be stroken by sunbeam. Nature is huge and still generous to us while we are small by thinking being bigger than nature.

Nature is a kind home, kind host to its indecent  occupants. For how long will the nature be patient with us? We should care of the nature as to the basis and major premise of human being existence so that we would not become just a visitors in our home who will not be suffered any longer…

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