Contemporary Fall with the Berg Orchestra

Jana Kubankova, dress rehearsal with Berg Orchestra

Another contemporary fall of the Berg Orchestra – eminent Czech contemporary music group, was realized with Jana Kubankova as a concertmaster. This fall the audience could listen to works of such composers as for example J. Harvey, M. Andre, H. Goebbels or G. Grisey.

The last concert of this year will be held in Prague Trade Fair Palace. On a programme there will be well known popular contemporary composition by Arvo Part Tabula Rasa, with Jana Kubankova as a soloist and beautiful contemporary dance choreography within the piece.

official invitation to the last Berg Orchestra concert of the year

a television review, Berg Orchestra opening the new multifunctional concert hall in Prague

For Freedom and Democracy

To today´s Day of Fight for Freedom and Democracy, we attach a composition by Martin Hybler with additional scetches by Jana Kubankova – “Oligarch, the Globalizer”.

“Oligarch, the Globalizer” is utopian-“orwell” composition about  what would have happenned if such a person entered a political scene – a person being born from dirty money and political populism,  a person who buys popularity by promises and emotional quotes, person, who works for personal interests in politics instead of representing the needs of people. This visionary composition was premiered in 2006 and unfortunately it is still up to date in The Czech Republic, because our political scene is occupied but such a person…

A politics of personal interests wins. The goal of the politics of such representatives is not a citizen or state, but contrary the citizen and the state becomes the tool of these representatives to reach their own prosperity. Is this still democracy?…